RHEE Taekwon-Do is a completely non tournament Martial Art which means instead of competing and needing to come first or ďto beat someoneĒ to be recognized we put all of our time into teaching our students what it really means to be a ďWinnerĒ.

After all, we consider all of our students World Champions, no trophies required!

Believing in yourself starts early. Thatís why thousands of parents throughout Australia have turned to RHEE Tae Kwon-Do to give their child the head start they need to prepare them for whatever life throws their way.

In all of our classes safety is a priority and classes are designed to be fun, inspirational and informative to really get the best out of your child.

We often use games to help stimulate learning and use modern instructing methods to keep the classes positive as we aim to improve studentsí quality of life.

We invite you to come and have an absolutely no obligation free trial at any of our classes and see for yourself the benefits you can get from learning to defend yourself. You donít need fitness, you donít need coordination, you donít need athletic ability all you need is to give it an honest go and weíll help you develop your full potential and improve your quality of life as you start your journey to black belt and beyond.

All classes are self-paced as is the grading/ranking system so thereís no pressure to keep up. We donít do any tournaments so you donít have to worry about getting hurt or competing with someone.

In fact the only thing you have to lose is a couple cmís off the waist.